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"Lindsay is utterly masterful at all things high-end sales. She's the best in the business and I've been fortunate to see first hand the transformation she delivers for her clients. Plus, she's kind hearted, genuine and oozes authenticity. I recommend her entirely."

Lee McIntyre, McIntyre Marketing Group

I bought my dream house this year (my husband named it the “Lindsay"), solely due to my increase in sales from working with her. My profits are 600% of what they were when we began. I started with a feeling that I didn’t deserve sales, and now we have more disposable income than we ever hoped we would."

Gina Nieves, CEO, MarkNet Group


Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center

"In Lindsay's Mastermind I have tripled my 6 figure income. I've met some of the most amazing women on the planet who have inspired and lifted me up and that alone is worth millions. One of the best things I ever did for myself and my business..."

Karen Curry, Best-Selling Author & the World's Leading Human Design Expert

"Lindsay has been the catalyst for me to do my highest level of work in the world. She delivers massive results, but more than that my entire life and business are transforming.  She isn't just a high level mentor and coach.  She is a global leader who is creating rapid change in how we do business in the world." 

Sarah Kaler, Women's Leadership Coach, Founder of SoulPowered

“Lindsay is awesome! I was blown away with the intellect she possesses. She has beautifully constructed her business around her life and even better - working with her, anyone would get those results.”

Ajit Nawalkha, Co-Founder, Mindvalley & Evercoach

“In the first week of working with you we closed 40k in sales! And now we are having a 23k week from shifting into your model. You TOTALLY transformed how we are doing sales at DWD. Our salesperson is closing more leads than ever before! I am so grateful to have learned from you.”

Marni Batttista, CEO & Founder, Dating With Dignity

“Lindsay taught me not to be afraid of sales and money. With her help I was able to increase revenue by 47% in just 1 year.” 

Breanne Houston, T3 Fitness Energy

“Lindsay has a deep well of knowledge across the whole industry. Working with her is changing my life. You should hire her. It’s much more than I ever expected, and a bargain at the price.

Rose Meade Hart, Media Attorney & Business Coach

"The best thing about working with Lindsay is that she cares more about me than her bottom line. I was reluctant to work with Lindsay because I knew she was the real deal, and that I would have to step up to the plate to match her.  I didn’t know if I had enough of “what it takes,” to be one of Lindsay’s clients.  I have learned that I not only have “enough,” but so much more. The results I got from working with Lindsay have been life changing. I’d recommend Lindsay to anyone who is really, really, ready to make a huge impact on the world."

                                          Leanne McClain, Art of Evolved Living

“Once I started working with Lindsay I got a referral and I really asked her to step up and take a huge risk. She sent me a signed contract and credit card number for a $60k engagement. It’s not the biggest engagement I’ve ever closed. It’s not unusual except the work now is so joyful because we went through such a transformational process in the selling. I’m so grateful for Lindsay’s incredibly deep work in sales and specific techniques I’ve learned and also for seeing her model those things in her own processes.” 

Samantha Hartley, Founder & President, Enlightened Marketing

Lindsay Wilson is the real deal. When she says she’ll come through she does. As a coach she could take shortcuts, but she is about bigger results (plus personal breakthroughs if you happen to work with her). It made me step up and serve at a higher level and I also sell high end packages (35K and above) with total integrity. Love you Lindsay. And thank you.”

Michelle Vandepas, TEDx Speaker, Marketing Genius

"I was a very successful marketer before I met Lindsay but I was terrified of sales even though I had generated hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in sales for my clients. She taught me in one call how to show up as a steel wall of love for my clients. I got off the phone with her, never having done ANY phone sales before – and sold what I used to make in a year in 1 week.  

Her strategies are totally out of the box and they work. You haven't heard them before. She doesn't work with too many people so if she's willing to work with you I hope you do."

Kylie Slavik, Copywriter & Traffic Expert

"Lindsay does marketing and sales differently than anyone out there in our online world. All of my 6 and 7 figure friends were coaching with her and having massive results and breakthroughs in their sales so I joined her Mastermind. Lindsay helped me open my heart to love and as a result I sold my first 50k package in addition to filling my master mind with 27 and counting powerful women from around the world. I am forever grateful for everything you have taught me!"

Amanda Moxley, Business Goddess

"Lindsay's smart and genuine style is perfect for me. Since I started with her, I have literally tripled my income and doubled my joy!"

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Go to Girl Social Media

"Not only is Lindsay an incredible hugger and fully capable of making you snort laugh and ugly cry in the course of a single story BUT she is also someone who truly believes that SALES IS LOVE and has some of the best wisdom and teachings on high end everything. Plus I just love how she tells it like it is and proves that being a rockstar entrepreneur, a connected and engaged spouse and a huge-hearted mommy are NOT mutually exclusive!"

Jason Goldberg, Speaker, Author & Coach

"She has a good heart." - Lindsay's Mom :)